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What Science Teachers Say About Wacky

“We just got to watch the Wacky Science Show and let me tell you it was phenomenal! We all know that the best way to engage kids in Science is to get things in a hands-on context with lots of visuals and sensory stimulation, and THIS show did it ALL. The kids were engaged, the kids were participating, they were clapping and I think they actually learned a few things. So, thank you Wacky Science!”


– Sarah Christy, 6th Grade Science Teacher, Mineral King Elementary, Visalia

"Our middle school Science teacher advised the performance was very well matched for our students. Everyone including the 8th graders were engaged.”


– Samantha Olson, School Counselor, Gateway Community Charters, West Sacramento

"I’m the science teacher for kindergarten through 5th grade and today we had the Wacky Science guy here for an assembly and he was awesome! The kids were engaged in learning science and technology. It was really a fun show and I would highly recommend it!"


- Paula Jones, Science Teacher, Ballington Academy of Arts and Sciences, San Bernardino

"We just got finished with a whole day of the Wacky Science Show. It was incredible. They did EVERYTHING for our classes, from kindergarten all the way up to 5th grade….and they sort of adjusted it so that it pertained to each of those grade levels. The kids laughed, they cried and they want to see it again, so I would highly recommend it!” ."


– Cathy Biermann, PTA President, Ralph Waldo Emerson Elementary, Burbank

"“Tim Mannix was absolutely fantastic and was a pleasure to work with. He engaged the kids the entire time throughout all 3 assemblies. I know that's not an easy feat and he did it with great energy. Our staff and students raved about the show and so many parents thanked us for bringing him in after hearing their children beam about it. He exposed them to difference scientific concepts, blew their minds and hopefully inspired many to think about things differently. The auditorium was filled with WOW's and WOAH's and a LOT of cheering. He is truly great."


–  Juliana Cho, PTA VP of Programs, Ralph Waldo Emerson Elementary, Burbank

"The assembly on January 16th was excellent. I was very impressed with the performer, Tim Mannix . He showed up early and was very organized, very professional, and related well with the students, who ages ranged from 8-18. The older students were challenging, but Tim handled them in a positive and uplifting way. It was a pleasure working with your company and him.” ."


– Lynn Naeve, Las Candelas Hillsides School, Pasadena, CA

“We just saw the Wacky Science guy and he was AMAZING. I would recommend him for any school that focuses on science and technology!”


– Dr. Venus Mixson, Ballington Academy of Arts and Sciences, San Bernardino

“Our audience was children from ages 2 through adults. The children were very attentive and really enjoyed the show. Tim Mannix was very entertaining even for the adults.”


–  Charlotte Ferree, Executive Assistant, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, San Carlos

Truly engaging, strong audience participation, effective STEM focus. Very funny!”


- Linda Rose Barker  – Principal, Kennedy Elementary School, San Jose, CA
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